Русский тайцзицюань в Москве

Уже не один раз так называли русский стиль рукопашного боя. И не только из-за того, что тренировочные движения такие же плавные, как в китайском тайцзи, но и в связи с тем, что русский стиль, так же, как и тайцзи, принадлежит к внутренним стилям, когда основная часть работы не очевидна во внешних движениях, а происходит внутри человека. Это и дыхание, и работа с волной внутри человека, это и работа с напряжениями, как со своими собственными, так и с теми, которые происходят в теле противника. Также мы используем болевые захваты и удары. Этим наш стиль также отличается от традиционно китайских тайцзицюань. Приходите и пробуйте.

About us

Our dear friends,

We are glad to meet you here! Our group is dedicated to russian martial arts (russian «taidzi cjuaņ»). We are situated in Moscow. Our training includes training how to protect against knife, stick and other different weapons. And we practice with a saber too. As you can see, according to the group-title our style is a soft one. But, in Russia we say that something soft can be at the same time hard too. So, being soft in movements you can apply everything you have learn in extremely dangerous situations. And our lessons can strengthen not only your body but your spirit too. They can make you fit enough.

Our school was open in 2007 by Amir Sadur, the professional coach of Sambo and judo. Champion of Moscow and Russian competitions. Among his students there are winners of the Championships of Moscow and other city competitions in Sambo and judo. Amir has a certificate for teaching Wushu style of Taijiquan.

школа самообороны







Six seraphim’s wings symbolize the multidimensionality of their existence. The room they are in has a lot more spatial and time characteristics than ours.

Seraphim is action and peace at the same time. It is very important for those who practice martial arts to be quick in movements but keep peace inside. Leading a multifunctional life, overcoming the nonsense , having the ability to find what do you live for is very important too. You should learn how to live not only in this very same moment but notice what is around you and inside you.This will help you not only while you are fighting with someone but during your whole life.

Our classes

13 bld.1 Malaya Pirogovskaya st.            2, Stoleshnikov line

(metro Sportivnaya)                                          (metro Teatralnaya)


Monday 19:00-21:00                                           Tuesday 19:00-21:00
Friday    19:00-21:00                                           Thursday  19:00-21:00


Monday 16:45-18:05                                           Tuesday 18:00-19:00
Friday   16:00-17:20                                            Thursday 18:00-19:00

Season tickets

Classes q-ty

 Price, RUB


1 class
700 RUB
 2 classes per week
4000 RUB 1 month
 3 classes per week
6000 RUB 1 month
12 classes (free schedule)
5000 RUB 2 months
First lesson is for FREE. Come and try!

Please contact us for information +7 (495) 922-07-27 or +7 (926) 577-86-75